is added when reseller has a customer specific business

Changing your Control Panel Password

You can easily modify your Reseller Control Panel Password as explained below:

Changing the Password from within the Control Panel

  1. Log in to your Reseller Control Panel. See details

  2. Click on the icon at the top right corner of the page and then click on Your Account & Security.

  3. On the Account & Security page, under the Security section, click on the Change password link and fill in the details below:

    • Current Password: You need to mention here the Password that you just used to login into your Customer Control Panel.

    • New Password: Enter any new password.


      You need to consider the following, in relation with the Password (Anchor: password):

      • Allowed Password length is 9 to 16 characters.

      • It should contain at least:

        • 1 lowercase character
        • 1 uppercase character
        • 1 number
        • 1 special character. (Allowed special characters are: ~*!@$#%_+.?:,{})
    • Change the Password on a regular basis.

    • Avoid Password that contains personal information (name, birth place, etc.) or dictionary words.

    • Avoid using repeating characters (aaaaaa), keyboard patterns (asdfgh) or sequential numbers (123456).

    • Do not disclose your Password to anyone.

    • While setting a new Password, you may not re-use the current Password or the previous Password.

  • Confirm Password: Enter the same Password you set as your New Password.

  • Click on the Change Password button to submit your change.

  • Changing the Password in case of Lost Password

    1. Visit the Control Panel Login URL at .

    2. Click on the Forgot Password link.

    3. Provide your Username (Email Address) and click the Send Reset Instructions button.

      This would send an email to your email address, containing a link through which you can reset your Control Panel Password.

      • The link in the email will be valid for one hour from the time it was sent and it can be used to change the Password only once.

      • Only 5 attempts for sending the Password reset instructions are allowed in a 24 hour duration.

      • The email will also contain a link to cancel an unauthorized Password reset attempt.

    Changing your Username [Email Address], Brand Name, Mobile Number and other Contact Details

    1. Log in to your Reseller Control Panel. See details

    2. Click on the icon at the top right corner of the page and then click on Your Account & Security.

    3. Click on the Edit Profile button and modify the information here to suit your needs.


      Modification of Legal Name (Company Name) will not be possible. In case of a genuine
      requirement, you may get in touch with our Support Team at .

      The important fields are explained below:

      • Email: Provide your email address here.

        • We will verify a change to the email address by sending a code to the previous email address. You will have to provide this verification code to complete the change to the email address.

        • If 2-Step verification is enabled on your account, the verification code will be sent to the verified mobile number.

      • Mobile Number: Provide your mobile number here.

        • A notification will be displayed on the Dashboard within your Control Panel, in case you have:

          • not provided a mobile number,


          • provided an invalid mobile number.

          You can update the mobile number by clicking the Update number link in the notification panel.

        • It is very important that you mention a valid mobile number belonging to you since the system will send SMS alerts to this mobile number. Currently, SMS alerts are enabled for Brazilian, Canadian, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, UK and US Resellers only.

        • If 2-Step Verification is enabled on your account, we will verify a change in your mobile number by sending a verification code to the previous number. You will have to provide this verification code to complete the change to the mobile number.

      • Brand Name: This is your Brand Name displayed to your Customers/Sub-Resellers. Your Brand Name may actually be different from your
        Company Name.


        Your formal Company Name is Webweaver Pte. Ltd., however, you may be doing business using the name Webweaver.

        In all your communications with your Customers/Sub-Resellers as well as in any documentation, your Brand Name will be used in place of your full Company Name. If your Brand Name is different
        from your Company Name, mention it here.

      • Website URL: Put in your primary website address here.

      • Personal Identification Number (PIN): When you approach our team for assistance, you will be asked to provide your PIN to verify your identity. This is required from a security stand-point so as to avoid unauthorized actions on your orders.

      • Language Preference: Select the language in which you wish to see your interfaces, and receive emails from the system. Every user of the
        system can select their own preferred language for the interface.

      • Click on Save to submit your changes.

    Digital Certificate Setup Guide

    As a Reseller, you need to take the following steps in order to start selling Digital Certificate Product to your Customers and Sub-Resellers.

    • Signup for the Digital Certificate Product. See details

    • Set your Selling Price for the Digital Certificate Product for your Customers and Sub-Resellers. See details

    • Understanding Tax and how you may use the Tax Engine to collect it from your Customers and Sub-Resellers. See details

    Domain Registration Setup Guide

    Following are the steps you need to take within your Control Panel to setup your Domain Registration
    Product for your Customers and Sub-Resellers:

    • Select which TLDs you want to
      sell. See details

    • Set your Selling Price for different TLDs that you are
      selling. See details

    • Specify your Default Settings for the Domain Names Service: You may specify which Name Servers are
      pre-filled every time your Customers register a domain
      name. See details

    • Understanding Tax and how you may use the Tax Engine to collect it from your Customers and
      Sub-Resellers. See details

    • Customize your Free Email Service (Anchor: custom):
      You may offer upto 2 Free Email accounts to your Customers.

      • Login to your Control Panel. See details

      • In the Menu, go to Settings -> Manage Products and Pricing.

      • Click Domain Registration.

      • Click the Manage link next to Email Accounts under FREE Services.

      • Select either:

        • Offer Free Email with every domain registration/ transfer: Select this option if you wish to offer
          2 free email accounts with every domain name that your Customers purchase from you.


          Each email account's space is restricted to 100MB.

        • Don't offer Free Email with domain registration/ transfer: Select this option if you do
          not wish to offer this service.


          If you disable the Free Email Service, neither your Customers nor your Sub-Resellers
          would be able to get this feature in their Control Panels.

      • Click the Save button to submit your changes.


    If you choose to integrate the domain name registration buy process with your website using our API Kit, then you need to
    ensure that you display the Registrar Registrant Agreement for Domain Names Legal document within the
    domain name registration buy process on your website.

    Additional Information

    HTTP API integration

    It is compulsory to display this document as is to your Customers and get them to agree to the terms mentioned
    therein, before buying domain names through you. You can view this agreement from within your
    Reseller Control Panel by going to Help -> Legal Agreements
    in the Menu.

    Handling of transactions stuck at AuthStarted status for a long duration

    There may be cases when Payment or Add Funds transactions performed by your Customers / Sub-Resellers through a Payment Gateway integrated by you, within your Reseller Control Panel, get stuck at the AuthStarted status. You need to review such transactions and Approve / Decline them manually.

    However, if such transactions continue to remain unattended over 45 days, the system would automatically fail them and set the status of these transactions as FailedByCron.